N Male to N Male, RG58 Cable [Tested and In Stock!]

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eP2072R is an N Male N male cable assembly using RG58 flexible coaxial cable. This evissaP N male to N Male cable assembly uses a 50 Ohm N male for connector 1 and a 50 ohm N male connector for connector 2. 


Our N male to N male cable assembly uses a flexible cable type that is 50 Ohm. evissaP's eP2072R N male to N male cable assembly is constructed with RG58 coax cable. evissaP N Male to N Male RG58 cables are 100% tested prior to shipment allowing for a guaranteed typical VSWR of 1.35:1. This N male to N Male RG58 flexible coaxial cable has an operating frequency of DC - 3 GHz. Some fo the main use cases for RG58 cable assemblies include VHF and HF line of sight radio transmission antennas. N Male RG58 cable assemblies can also be used for broadcasting equipment and closed circuit TV's. 


Aside from RG58 cable, evissaP's N male cable assembly can be constructed with a variety of other cable types such as RG142, RG174, RG316 and more. To view additional BNC cable assemblies click here and to send us a custom quick-turn cable requestclick here!

Key Specifications
More Information
Style Flexible and RG-series
Connector 1 Type N
Connector 1 gender Male
Connector 1 Orientation Straight
Connector 2 Type N
Connector 2 gender Male
Connector 2 Orientation Straight
Cable Type RG58
Frequency 3 GHz