Low PIM Cable Assemblies, CMP Plenum, [In Stock!]

in Low PIM Cable Assemblies

evissaP manufactures a wide variety of conformable and flexible Low PIM (passive intermodulation) cable assemblies typically featuring max PIM levels of -160 dBc or better. Each and every Low PIM cable assembly produced by evissaP is quality inspected and tested for PIM levels as well as RF verification of VSWR return loss at the specified max frequency. 


Popular cable options for evissaP's low PIM cable assembly line include .141'' hand-formable with CMP Plenum rated jacket which allows the jumper cable to stay in place as well as 1/4 inch corrugated flexible cable which offers superior protection and flexibility. evissaP's low PIM assemblies are perfect for your 5G applications as max frequencies (depending on connector configuration) can run through 6.0 GHz with VSWR as low as 1.25:1 in many instances. 


Common connector interfaces for our low PIM cable assemblies include: 2.2-5, 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN, Type-N, NEX-10, and SMA among others. These connector options can be in male or female genders and straight or right angle depending on customer needs. 


evissaP low PIM cable assemblies are designed to operate in a variety of applications such as multi-carrier communication systems, indoor wireless systems, automation systems, distributed antenna systems and even solely as outdoor low PIM antenna jumper cables.


Best of all, evissaP's low PIM cable assemblies can be made to the exact length you require and shipped out within 1-2 weeks after receiving a web order. To shop for evissaP's low PIM cables click here.