LMR Cable Assemblies, Ship < 1 WK , USA

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evissaP manufactures a wide range of high-performance low loss flexible cable assemblies using Times Microwave LMR-equivalent raw cable. These LMR-type cable assemblies can be made with diameters ranging from 0.100'' (LMR100) through 0.600'' (LMR600). LMR-type RF cables are 50 Ohm impedance, and offer a high degree of flexibility for easier installation while also offer low insertion loss and better shielding effectiveness than similar diameter RG-series cables. 

LMR Cable Assemblies are incredibly popular due to the reliability, flexibility, and low attenuation RF characteristics of the raw cable. Loss figures among LMR type cables are like that of rigid corrugated coaxial cables but maintain a level of flexibility comparable to that of RG series. LMR cable's low loss characteristic is achieved through having a foamed dielectric which helps achieve a velocity propagation of ~84%. Furthermore, shielding effectiveness amongst LMR cable assemblies is >90 dB which is over double that of cables such as RG8. 

evissaP's LMR-type cable assemblies can be used for both in and outdoor applications and can be customized to the exact length that fits your needs. These LMR-type cable assemblies have excellent insertion loss capabilities when measured through 6.0 GHz. evissaP's LMR cable assemblies are 100% tested to ensure excellent VSWR prior to shipment, allowing for peace of mind for the customer. To order and receive your LMR-type cable assemblies within 1-2 weeks, click here!