2.92mm Male Low Loss .118 Semi-Rigid Cables, Ships in < 1 week

Shop 2.92mm Low Loss Semi-rigid Cable Assembly

evissaP, a leading designer and manufacturer of cost effective RF cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, is presenting a super low loss semi-rigid cable assembly to service the growing market of Ka-band communication application. This cable assembly has 80% high Vp(velocity of propagation) and superior shielding effectiveness -165 dB. The eP7078R-L semi-rigid cable assemblies are typically used in ground and airborne systems, satellite and terrestrial wireless communication systems, as well as electronic equipment, electronic warfare and microwave antennas.

evissaP offers its eP7078R-L 2.92mm Male to 2.92mm Male RF semi-rigid cable assemblies in 0.1” length increments.  Overall RF cable length is defined by the “-L” Part Number (PN) suffix.  For instance, the eP7078R-L PN for a 12.5” long RF cable assembly would be eP7078R-12.5.  All eP7078R-L 2.92mm Male to 2.92mm Male RF semi-rigid cable assemblies are 100% tested for VSWR over its specified frequency range.  Special testing, bending and custom labeling are also available. The eP7078R-L cable assemblies are available in <2-3 WKS ARO.

evissaP offers its eP-semi-rigid RF cable assemblies in a variety of connector interfaces, connector configurations and cable diameters.

If you would like more information, please call 408.943.8266 or email sales@evissap.com