2.4mm Male to 2.4mm Male Armored Low Loss Phase Stable Cable [Stocked!]

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eP7102R is an armored ultra low loss phase stable 2.4mm male to 2.4mm male test cable using eP-LLPSA256-50GHz flexible armored coax cable. The eP-LLPSA256-50GHz cable is a Sucoflex 101EA equivalent (armored SF101 or Sucoflex 101). This evissaP 2.4mm male to 2.4mm male armored low loss cable assembly uses a 50 Ohm 2.4mm male for connector 1 and a 50 ohm 2.4mm male connector for connector 2. 


Our 2.4mm male to 2.4mm male low armored loss phase stable cable assembly uses a flexible cable type that is 50 Ohm. evissaP's eP7102R 2.4mm male to 2.4mm male cable assembly is constructed with eP-LLPSA256-50GHz cable. This test cable is 100% tested prior to shipment allowing for the following typical specifications:


    • VSWR of 1.30:1 @ 50.0 GHz
    • Phase stability versus flexure @ 6 inch coil of ±5° @ 50.0 GHz
    • Amplitude stability versus flexure @ 6 inch coil of <0.1 dB @ 50.0 GHz


This 2.4mm male to 2.4mm male armored low loss phase stable cable has an operating frequency of DC - 50.0 GHz and can be shipped within 2 weeks after receiving on online order.


Aside from eP7102R, evissaP offers a wide variety of other ultra low loss cable assemblies. To view additional ultra low loss cable assemblies click here or to send us a custom quick-turn cable requestclick here!

Key Specifications
More Information
Style Flexible Test-Grade, Armor Ruggedized, Low Loss Phase Stable
Connector 1 2.4mm
Connector 1 gender Male
Connector 1 Orientation Straight
Connector 2 2.4mm
Connector 2 gender Male
Connector 2 Orientation Straight
Cable Type eP-LLPSA256-50GHz
Frequency 50 GHz