3 GHz SMA Male to SMA Female eP-LL195 Flexible cable assembly

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Part Number: eP2078R

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  • 3 GHz SMA Male to SMA Female eP-LL195 Flexible cable assembly

    The eP2078R is a 3 GHz 50 ohm SMA male to SMA female with high quality eP-LL195 flexible RF cable assembly with PE jacket that offers users the low cost, high quality, flexible cable. evissaP offers its eP2078R-LL.L SMA Male to SMA Female flexible RF cable assembly in 0.1” length increments. Overall RF cable length is defined by the “-LL.L” Part Number (PN) suffix. For instance, the eP2078R PN for a 12.5” long RF cable assembly would be eP2078R-12.5; All eP2078R SMA Male to SMA Female eP-LL195 RF cable assemblies are 100% tested for VSWR over its specified frequency range. Special testing and custom labeling are also available. evissaP offers its Standard Product flexible RF cable assemblies in a variety of connector interfaces, connector configurations, cable diameters and outer jacket options.

  • eP2078R

    Frequency Range - (GHz): DC-3
    Max VSWR: 1.35:1
    Impedance (ohms): 50
    Typical Vel. of Propagation: 69.5%

    Bulk cable specifications

    Cable type:
    eP-LL195 Low Loss Flex
    Cable outer diameter:
    .195" nominal
    Inner conductor/finish:
    Bare Copper

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