evissaP Introduces New u.FL/IPEX Cable Assemblies

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evissaP Inc., a designer and high-volume manufacturer of RF coaxial adapters, connectors and cable assemblies, has announced the release of our new u.FL/IPEX cable assemblies. The eP-flexible eP4000 series are SMA Female Bulkhead to SMX connectors (100% u.FL / IPEX compatible) single-shielded cable assemblies that have excellent performance to 6 GHz.

The eP4000 series  single-shielded cable assemblies are ultra miniature and cost effective coaxial product with superior performance characteristics to 6 GHz. The mated cable plug and receptacle height profiles are as low as 1.2mm rising to 2.5mm max dependent on the cable and connector size.

Although compact and lightweight, the eP4000 u.Fl/IPEX single-shielded cable assemblies can handle high transmission speeds of up to 6 GHz which is suitable for a wide range of miniature devices using wireless communication modules, wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth.

eP4000 cable assemblies are available in two frequency bands, 3.0 & 6.0 GHz.

If you would like more information, please call 408.943.8266 or email sales@evissap.com