evissaP Introduces Quick-Turn LMR Cable Assembly Offering

in LMR Cable Assemblies

evissaP manufactures a wide range of high-performance low loss flexible cable assemblies using Times Microwave LMR-equivalent raw cable. These LMR-type cable assemblies can be made with diameters ranging from 0.100'' (LMR100) through 0.600'' (LMR600). LMR-type RF cables are 50 Ohm impedance, and offer a high degree of flexibility for easier installation while also offer low insertion loss and better shielding effectiveness than similar diameter RG-series cables. 

evissaP's LMR-type cable assemblies can be used for both in and outdoor applications and can be customized to the exact length that fits your needs. These LMR-type cable assemblies have excellent insertion loss capabilities when measured through 6.0 GHz. evissaP's LMR cable assemblies are 100% tested to ensure excellent VSWR prior to shipment, allowing for peace of mind for the customer. To order and receive your LMR-type cable assemblies within 1-2 weeks, click here!