About us


evissaP, Inc is a fast growing interconnect product design company with sales, marketing, applications engineering and low volume manufacturing in the heart of Silicon Valley backed by precision volume manufacturing in a modern US wholly owned ISO9001:2015 facility in China solely dedicated to supporting the product needs of evissaP.

Since 2003, evissaP has become a leading designer and manufacturer of cost effective connectors, adapters, and flexible, conformable and custom bent semi-rigid cable assemblies. evissaP also offers products labeled with evissaP name brand or, at a customer’s request, private labeled.


evissaP’s unique advantages and strong value proposition result in customers buying millions of RF coaxial cable assemblies, adapters and connectors from evissaP each year. For 16 years evissaP has designed, produced and delivered high performance interconnect product for use in demanding commercial environments. evissaP built products are deployed throughout the world in a wide variety of fixed and mobile systems, in equipment as well as in state-of-the-art production test labs.

And it only gets better. evissaP works with customers having continuous and ongoing volume product need to innovate and optimize the way in which recurring products are delivered and managed, further increasing its value proposition and reducing our customer’s costs.