18 GHz SMA Male to SMA Male 085 Formable Cable Assembly eP5002R-LL.L

: $6.80

eP5002R-LL.L Stock lengths:


6″= eP5002R-06


9″= eP5002R-09


12″= eP5002R-12


18″= eP5002R-18



For cable lengths >72 inches, please contact evissaP for pricing.


For non-stock lengths, delivery is 2-3 weeks ARO




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18 GHz SMA Male to SMA Male 085 Formable Cable Assembly eP5002R-LL.L

The eP5002R-LL.L is a 18 GHz 50 ohm SMA Male to SMA Male formable cable assembly that offers users the ability to hand form this rf cable assembly to final shape. evissaP offers its 5002R-LL.L SMA Male to SMA Male formable cable assembly in 0.1” length increments.  Overall cable length is defined by the “-LL.L” Part Number (PN) suffix.  For instance, the eP5002R PN for a 12.5” long rf cable assembly would be eP5002R-12.5. All eP5002R formable cable assemblies are 100% tested for VSWR over its specified frequency range.  Special testing and custom labeling are also available.

evissaP offers its Standard Product formable cable assemblies in a variety of connector interfaces, connector configurations, cable diameters and outer jacket options.

Coax types for evissap RF cables include: RG108/U, RG11/U, RG122/U, RG141/U, RG142/U, RG174/U, RG178/U, RG179/U, RG180/U, RG187/U, RG188/U, RG188-DS, RG196/U, RG213/U, RG214/U, RG216/U, RG217/U, RG218/U, RG219/U, RG223/U, RG225/U, RG302/U, RG303/U, RG316/U, RG316-DS, RG393/U, RG400/U, RG401/U, RG402/U, RG405/U, RG55/U, RG58/U, RG58-P, RG59/U, RG59-P, RG62/U, RG6/U, RG6-CATV, RG71/U, RG8/U, RG8X and evissap specific RF cable.

If you cannot find the exact Standard Product cable assembly you require, please submit a request along with your requirement information.


Frequency Range - GHz: DC-18.0
Max VSWR: 1.35:1
Impedance: (ohms) 50
Typical Vel. of Propagation: 69.5%
Bulk cable specifications:
Cable Type:
  • RG-405 eP Formable
Cable outer diameter:
  • .100" nominal
Inner conductor/finish
  • Silver-plated copper clad steel
  • Create Part Number (PN) by adding length to PN suffix.
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  • Make sure total PN price exceeds the $200 per PN minimum.
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